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we create…

unique campaigns to maximise your exposure and drive qualified leads and enquiries.
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our audience…

is your true target market – the real decision makers and buyers.
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we offer…

powerful digital marketing strategies for commercial fitness suppliers.
australian fitness industry marketing

Our Mission

“To present relevant news and information to help you make more informed commercial choices to better your business.”

Some of our client relations

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Unique to the Industry

WNiF present the latest commercial gym and domestic fitness supplier products, services and news from around the world, enriching the burgeoning Australian fitness industry.

Reach your Target Market

The WNiF platform includes a variety of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ marketing strategies connecting your supplier business (commercial or domestic) with your true target market – real decision makers and buyers.


Almost every day of the year, adjustments are made to not only ensure our database is accurate, it’s growing too. Reaching out to the ‘buyer’ remains the top priority for our Team.

Australian Fitness Industry Professionals

Gym owners, PT’s , suppliers and investors that work within the Ausie fitness landscape.

Who sees our content?

Aussie Fitness Enthusiasts

From professional athletes to weekend warriors, we create content that is engaging and informative to those who are passionate about health and fitness.

What’s New in Fitness Advertising Options

advertise fitness industry
australian fitness industry advertising

About WNiF

Whats’ New in Fitness (WNiF) is a unique resource for Australian fitness professionals. The website and its supporting communication channels have been created to provide a communication conduit for the industry by presenting up-to-date news and information about fitness products and services in the marketplace. We aim to create content that is useful for both fitness industry professionals to support their clients and grow their businesses as well as offering informative content for fitness enthusiasts in general.

Positioning your business in front of your target audience is the most efficient way of marketing. We aim to create a valuable path between suppliers of products and services to the fitness industry.

  • A digital marketing platform that uses search engine optimisation strategies to amplify your brand.
  • Access to thousands of Australian fitness industry professionals via our curated email list.
  • Digital marketing options including video, articles, and social media exposure.
  • Regular touch points with fitness business owners, managers, and operators.
  • Advertising rates start from only $49.
  • 20% discount with a custom 12-month marketing campaign designed exclusively for your business and your budget.

WNiF published 26 copies of our quarterly digital magazine.
Stay tuned as we prepare to relaunch the mag in the future so you can secure an opportunity to be featured.

You can view all previous editions of the WNiF Magazine on our Newstand.

Monthly eNewsletter

The most trusted fitness business resource in Australia with thousands of fitness business decision-maker subscribers.

Our monthly eNewsletter is delivered in a fully mobile responsive format so it’s easy to view on any mobile device. Expect to be reading about:

  • The latest technology available from commercial gym and fitness equipment suppliers around the world
  • Brand new commercial product releases and announcements
  • New commercial equipment installations at gyms, health clubs and fitness studios across Australia
  • Supplier product and service promotional videos
  • Fitness industry news, reports and trends
  • Special trade only offers and discounts from Australia’s top commercial fitness suppliers

Advertising rates start at $99 per edition.

Subscription is free – click here.

Newsletter is distributed in the last week of each month.

Feature on the WNiF YouTube or Social Media channels

Reach the customers who are most likely to be interested in your business by having your product or service featured on our YouTube channel or via our social media pages. Leverage our already engaged audience and maximise the results of your branding campaign.

what will it do for your business?

Positioning your business in front of the key industry decision makers is a crucial marketing strategy –
this is your opportunity!

Digital Banners and Blocks

Boost your online presence. Banner and block advertising gives you the opportunity to tap into a cost-effective means of increasing your brand exposure and product awareness.

Positions are available throughout the WNiF website allowing you to strategically make your mark and look to maximise the exposure of your business, campaign, or promotion.

With the option of premium header or sidebar positions so your ad is seen by visitors landing on any page of our website, or a strategically placed block within an article that’s relevant to your brand, we can cater to different budgets and get the best bang for your buck.

Costs start from as low as $49 per month.

View banner and block advertising options.

advertising australian fitness news

Targeted Email Campaigns

Different from the WNiF Monthly eNewsletter because firstly, all of the content is for your supplier business only (the eNewsletter can feature up to 8 suppliers).

Targeted email campaigns are very popular with suppliers throughout the year, but are increasingly employed in the run-up to trade shows, expos, and events. Add this quick response vehicle to your marketing mix to increase or maintain product promotion and sales drive. 

Featured Article Placement

For only $249 per week, you can make your feature article sticky on the WNiF home page and beyond by taking out prime position.

With new content published throughout the week, this is a great way for your business to retain some longevity with your article, post, or promotion.

A ‘sticky’ post means you take the premium position ahead of all other articles, offering great exposure for your article, press release, competition, or announcement.

This position is reserved for only one article, so if you’ve got something big coming up, contact us to secure your spot!

feature article australian fitness news

who should advertise?

Any supplier who has a product, service, course, franchise or business opportunity they want to take to the Australian market.

Commercial Fitness Supplier Guide

Please Note:
The WNiF Supplier Guide is currently being overhauled. Thank you for your patience while we work to get you an up to date resource!

The What’s New in Fitness website would not exist without our relationship with the Australian commercial gym and fitness equipment suppliers. With a steady flow of content coming from those suppliers, it made sense we built a platform containing a comprehensive guide of all the commercial fitness equipment suppliers available to the fitness business owner community.

The Commercial Fitness Supplier Guide contains over 1,200 registered commercial fitness supplier businesses. Showcasing your supplier business to thousands of visitors per month, you know you are reaching your true target audience with all the relevant information on your range of commercial fitness equipment and supplier products and services to help them make that purchasing decision.

how do i promote my supplier business?

WNiF can provide you with a customised custom quote based on your objectives and budget –
call 1300 115 200 or enquire below

Quarterly Magazine

From 2012 through to 2019, What’s New in Fitness published 26 ‘digital interactive’ editions of the WNiF Magazine, extending the readership to well over 200,000 per annum.

Originally a paper publication, WNiF chose to become digital because for your business to reach people, it needs to fish where the fish are – that’s online, and the pond is getting bigger.

Digital marketing not only allows you to monitor the success of your campaign, but it allows you to interact with the readers through video, image galleries, direct call-to-actions, and even “buy now” options. The WNiF includes:

  • Mobile responsive design so you can view on any device.
  • The ability to embed your latest promotional video or add a photo image gallery.
  • Date capture from your digital advert by adding an enquiry form.
  • Linking your social media platforms and spread the word.
  • Monitoring direct interaction  – how many people saw your ad, how many clicked on it, and how many of those clicks resulted in new website traffic.
  • The ability to change or update your digital advert at any time free of charge.

The coronavirus pandemic that brought the fitness industry to a standstill saw the WNiF Quarterly magazine put on hold. The What’s New in Fitness digital marketing platform changed hands in 2023 and is now under new management.

We are busy working on building the platform up on many levels and hope to relaunch the magazine in the future. In the meantime, we have several other advertising channels available to help promote your business.

Subscribe to the WNiF magazine.

Supplier Talk

“We look for the best ways to showcase our latest and most innovative products. WNIF provides an essential go-to guide on everything that’s new. Read by the key decision makers, we know our message is reaching the right people."
Andy Pickett
Business Director – Precor
“As Australasia’s leading supplier of new and innovative commercial products, ‘What’s New In Fitness’ is the perfect resource to showcase our new products and communicate with facility owners and managers.”
David Norman
Owner – EYE Fitness
“We found advertising with GymLink and in the What’s New in Fitness magazine to be a very cost effective means of targeting our key customers. We’ll certainly be continuing our advertising.”
Adam Lewit
Owner – Summit Fitness
“WNIF is able to position our business in a format specifically aimed at promoting new products to key buyers in the indus- try – it’s second to none. Not advertising in What’s New In Fitness is not an option!”
Ash Robertson
General Manager – Asia Pacific, CFM / MYZONE
“What’s New In Fitness provides an opportunity to talk direct to all decision makers. It’s the one publication for the Trade that we have to be in.”
Shaun Krenz
Exhibition Director – Australian Fitness & Health Expo
“Queenax Australasia have been extremely happy in our partnership with WNiF. The advertising and promotional opportunities WNiF offer have brought direct enquiries and quality sales leads. Craig and the team are incredibly supportive, and have a very keen knowledge of the Australasian market.”
Ross Barber
Managing Director – Queenax Australasia

Perfect for start-up supplier businesses and essential for established commercial and domestic fitness suppliers. If you’re aiming to push your brand out there and get noticed, we can help you across multiple channels. The WNiF Advertising Network offers a variety of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ opportunities to suit your budget and business strategy.

We can provide a comprehensive 12-month advertising package to maximise your exposure both online and offline, getting your brand out there and in focus within the Australian fitness industry’s professional network and beyond.

Choose from the following strategies and consider coverage (who do you want to target), frequency (how regular do you want your message out there), and repetition (what will help gain momentum for my business):

  • Online 12-month premium listing on the WNiF Supplier Guide.
  • Monthly WNiF eNewsletter features.
  • Targeted email campaigns to gyms, studios, personal trainers, etc. in your preferred states.
  • Online real estate – strategically positioned banner & block ads throughout the website including WNiF Supplier Guide and Monthly eNewsletter.
  • Featured article placement within the WNiF website with general content including videos, URL links, photo galleries, and more.
  • Search engine optimised article publication design to be found by your target audience.

Monthly payment options are available.
To get a quick quote for a package to suit your budget, contact sarah@whatsnewinfitness.com.au.

1. All bookings are subject to a minimum 10% deposit at time of booking. Account balance payable within 7 days from date of distribution. No cash discounts or agency commissions allowed. Advertisers billed at special early bird rates that fail to fulfil the contract will be billed for the difference to reflect the actual rate. Overseas advertisers must prepay at time of booking. Payment options include all types of credit card, EFT or cheque payable to What’s New in Fitness Trust. Credit card payments by Visa or MasterCard only. Overdue accounts are subject to a 1.5% service charge per month (18% annually).

2. Dual responsibility: Advertiser and advertising agency are jointly and severally liable for payment. WNiF will not release any advertising agency from liability even if sequential liability clauses are included in contracts, insertion orders, purchase orders, etc. Billing directed to an agency is approved on the condition that a minimum 10% deposit is paid at time of booking and the advertiser accepts responsibility for payment if the agency does not remit payment within 14 days from the date of distribution.

1. All advertisements are accepted and published entirely on the representation that the agency and/or advertiser are properly authorised to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. It is understood that, in consideration of the publication of advertisements, that advertiser and/or agency will indemnify and hold WNiF harmless from and against any claims or suits from libel, violation of rights of privacy, plagiarism, trademark and copyright infringement, and other claims based on the contents or subject matter of such publication.

2. WNiF reserves the right to reject any and all advertising that feels is not in keeping with the publication’s standards, policies and principles.

3. WNiF reserves the right to add the word “Advertisement” at the top and/or bottom of, or anywhere within any page, that in WNiF’s sole judgment, too closely resembles editorial pages of the publication.

4. Placement of any advertisement is at the publisher’s discretion except where otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing.

5. WNiF will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on any order, insertion or contract when they conflict with the terms or conditions of the rate card herein, or any amendment thereof.

6. WNiF shall not be liable whatsoever for any failure to publish or circulate all or any part of any issue due to strikes, work stoppages, accidents, fires, acts of God or any circumstance not within the control of WNiF.

7. WNiF is not responsible for the accuracy of any corrections or changes made to any advertiser’s materials.

8. If complete material is not received in accordance with confirmed material deadline dates, it is agreed that WNiF is to insert material on file or, lacking that, the advertiser’s name, address, and phone number.

9. Advertisement artwork is held at the risk of the advertiser/agency, and not insured by the publisher.

All ‘Booking’ and ‘Material’ deadlines shown on ‘Ad Specs’ page. Cancellations must be in writing and received before booking deadline. Cancellations received prior to booking deadline are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. All ‘Cover positions’ sold by contract and are non-cancellable or refundable. A 50% cancellation fee applies to advertisements cancelled after the booking deadline dates. Cancellation policies are final and non-negotiable.

Marketing a new product or service in today’s highly competitive environment can be a challenge to any business – new or old. The diversity of the market make it a specialised task to position your brand for both maximum visibility and enhanced respect among customers.

We are marketing professionals and have been providing quality services to businesses in the Australian fitness ‘supplier’ and ‘trade’ sectors for the over 12 years.

We provide custom made marketing strategies and services for your brand in accordance with the vision of your company and its goals. The results we aim to achieve are an enhanced market presence for your brand and a significant return on your investment.

It would be a pleasure to work with the you, and given the chance, we would like to prove our value for your company by producing and delivering a specific marketing plan aiming to reach the customers expected to attend the event.

Send through your enquiry now.

If you’re still thinking about it, read some of our client quotes above.

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